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PostSubject: Scintilla   Wed 14 Jul - 15:02

Population: 25 Billion
Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis

Scintilla is the Capital World of the Calixis Sector, a thriving Imperial hub that supports the largest planetary population in the territory. It is dominated by two vast hive cities, Hive Sibellus and Hive Tarsus, into which the vast majority of the planets population is crammed. Despite the dominance of the two great hives, the "offspring" communities of Ambulon and Gunmetal City contribute significantly to the planet's economic function. Scintilla is a world of splendours where the wealthy and powerful compete with ruthless appetite. Astonishing magnificence abounds, from the wondrous fashions of the hive nobility to the towering spectacle of the hives themselves. Landmarks, like the Lucid Palace and the Cathedral of Illumination are famous throughout the sector.

Scintilla is also a world of corruption. Members of the noble houses are often deluded by their own wealth and status. Noble houses consider themselves (sometimes correctly) as above or outside of Imperial law and can wield immense influence. Their attitudes towards those who are lower-born are callous: it is not unknown for thrill-seeking degenerates from noble houses to prey upon lesser humans as sport.

At the other end of the social spectrum; the underhives are rife with mutants, outlaws and ultra-violent gangs, as well as the psychotic zealots of the Redemption. The middle hivers trapped between the aristo spires and the rancid underhives live out thankless lives of unending toil, where ignorance is a virtue and death a reward for a lifetime of loyal drone servitude, fulfilling the exorbitant tithes levied on Scintilla by the Administratum.

Scintilla's most important features are its two hives: immense, multi-levelled cities that house billions of citizens. Both hives on Scintilla are largely independant, ruled by councils drawn from the nobles of the spire. Scintilla's two great hives have always compared with one another for prestige and influence, but no rational observer could fail to acknowledge Hive Sibellus's dominance. Geographically the larger of the two hives, it is often referred to as "the capital" or the "ruling hive", and is both the seat of political and administrative power. Hive Tarsus functions as a dark, shadowy twin, popularly referred to by Sibellians as the "other place." Hive Tarsus is a mercantile hive and controls all off-world trade and commerce. Neither hive could exist without the other.

Note: The Scintilla Forum is the Forum to use if one is not in or near Hive Sibellus or Gunmetal City. For example, if one is in Hive Tarsus or Ambulon, go ahead and post in this forum, and notate the area you are in in the post title.

Images courtesy http://www.malleus.dk/ordo/Scintilla.aspx
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