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 Hive Sibellus

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PostSubject: Hive Sibellus   Wed 14 Jul - 15:17

Hive Sibellus is the oldest city on Scintilla, almost certainly predating Angevin's invasions. Its immense, eight thousand kilometer-wide bulk dominates the coastal plains and lowlands of the northern temperate landmass. Where its enormous, multi-layered skirts touch the coast itself- in a five hundred kilometer belt- they spill out over the black granite cliffs like shelves or glacial ridges. Sibellus has twice the population of Hive Tarsus.

Like almost all Imperial Hives, Hive Sibellus is composed of an extraordinary conglomeration of architectural forms. Countless generations have added their own embellishments and every available surface is crammed with gargoyles, frescoes, columns and mosaics. The hive spire is a jumble of glittering wonders, while the middle hive-and even the underhive- is composed of long-fallen statues and temples to wealth and power. The middle hivers live in rickety tenements built inside the shells of great mansions and basilicas, or in enormous blocks of cheap, warren-like housing, and trudge to work each day through avenues formed by fallen statues. The Underhivers live in buried hovels built into the eyes of great stone heads or clustered around the broken columns of fallen temples. Composed of countless compressed layers of the city above, Sibellus's vast underhive is impossible to navigate and prone to frequent collapse. Underhive settlements huddle in the few stable areas, seperated from one another by endless deadly warrens where hive-quakes and cave-ins are a constant threat.

The sprawl of the hive is at its most spectacular along the rugged coastline. The hive looms- indeed spills- over towering black granite cliffs, which are lashed by ferocious seas. The Lucid Palace, a city in its own right, stands on a massive column of rock rising from the sea just off the coast, connected to the hive by a single, cyclopean, stone processional bridge, as well as by countless smaller rope bridges and a fleet of ferries which transport passengers across the debris-strewn waters. Hundreds of rickety elevators scale the cliffs and the rock column on which the palace stands, and the hovels of ferrymen and fishermen cling to the rock like barnacles. The bulk of Hive Sibellus itself rises up many times the height of the cliffs, casting a permanent shadow over the headland and the waters.

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Hive Sibellus
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