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PostSubject: Malfi   Wed 14 Jul - 15:41

This hive world, is the main population and manufacturing focal of the rimward territories of the sector. Malfi is a semitropical, gloomy world of overbuilt hives and habitation ledges. Its population approaches that of Scintilla and it subsists on its engineering and metalwork industries. The population of Malfi has a grudge: they believe that Malfi should be the sector capital world and venomously protest the supremacy of Scintilla.

Certainly with its super-continental hives and eradication of natural landscape, Malfi resembles a Solar hiveworld far more than any of the other worlds in the sector, and its claim for capital eminence seems reasonable. However, politics and demographics are fickle mistresses. Scintilla is better placed to provide a center of government for the sector. Despite its efforts, Malfi remains a border world, colossal in both its consumption and its production.

Malfi is a place of the most infernal intrigue. It is impossible to count the courtly factions vying for power. The central palace is a labyrinth of chambers and anterooms, a warren that many have entered and subsequently died trying to find a way out again. Guides may be procured to steer a visiting party through the warren of Malfi's central palace: They cannot be trusted. Every act and motion of Malfian life is about dissemblance and intrigue. Hire the wrong guide and you may be damned to years of squabbling diplomacy and sudden duels. It is said of the Malfian palace that "life has a thousand seperate doors" and this is no exaggeration. Entering Malfian society, one enters a world of complexity and deceit. Few emerge alive.
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