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PostSubject: Dusk   Wed 14 Jul - 15:53

"Gods of the warp strike me down if I ever return to that place. Oh we landed hard and well armed; a score of us- killjacks and pirates every one. We took the cutter down to where the tip-off said the deal was happening... empty, nothing but rotten shacks. Then that devil fog rolled in and all hell broke loose. I made it out running blind- the screams and the laughter and the awful mocking things all around me! Could have been days, could have been hours, I don't know... it was the old hag that dragged me out of the fog, and my left eye she took in payment, but at least I was gone from that haunted place!"
- The Heretic "Captain" Gadred Bayle, Interrogation Testimony Vol. 17

The world of Dusk is a legendarily dangerous and ill-omened planet on the very edge of the Halo Stars, famed both for the lethality of its wildlife and for the many nightmarish legends and baleful tales clustering around the world like moths to a flame. Dusk is place of trackless fens, mist-drenched forests, and moss-shrouded wooded swamps- a prime candidate for conversion to mass agriculture. Attempt after attempt has been made to colonize Dusk since the days of Angevin's crusade, all have met with disaster, suffering and death.

Dusk's fecund nature is also its curse. Its teaming wetlands breed all manner of fevers, parasites and other morbidities, while its forests and swamps are home tos ome of the most deadly indigenous life forms in the sector. Worst still, as any psyker or seer will tell you upon arrival, it is a place where the veil between realspace and the immaterium- between the waking world and the nightmare- is very thin indeed.

No accurate census has been taken of Dusk's population, and the planets inhabitants have been formed from a melting pot of colonial survivors, outcasts and wanderers scattered among isolated villages and plantations, where oil lamps and black powder guns are all they have to keep the dark at bay. The Dusk born are insular and superstitious to an intense degree. Feuding, sudden madness, strange phenomena, mysterious disappearances- all are accepted facts of daily life. The rate of psyker births among the population is also comparitively high. But for all of this, Dusk yet endures, and for those few willing to risk the journey and the dangers of the world itself, Dusk's fecund wildlife and fauna hold great worth in trade both legal and proscribed, and it is these off-worlders that have ensured Dusk's ongoing place as a world of dark repute in the minds of the wider sector.
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