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 Lunch to go

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PostSubject: Lunch to go   Mon 19 Jul - 17:26

And so after Xerxes impressive display and scythias taking advantage of the sudden bloodshed and her reputation of fear she manages to get herself and the little girl a trip to gun metal city..
after threatening and paying for her transport to Gun metal city. she decides its time for lunch. Inviting Sneak and her new deathbringer along.
Where she goes from there she doesn't know, But as always she is simply planning on letting the ether guide her.
How wonderful for the fates to send her a deathbringer just in the nick of time. Of course she is utterly convinced that it was divine providence that lead him to be there at that moment. Destiny and all..

after convincing the little sneak to join her on her way to Gun Metal City, mostly for companion and because Scythia can't help but want to pick up every stray she finds along her way. She is a bit confused when the deathbringer wants money to join her..
Roth never made her pay to kill people for her.. how much should you pay for a deathbringer... she didn't have an unlimited funds either.. tohugh she didn't really know if a 1000 a month was a lot to pay..

with a sad sigh she wishes her friends were there. Maybe the kid would know. she need to ask her if that was a resonsiable price or if it was to much.
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Lunch to go
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