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 The next day!

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PostSubject: The next day!    Thu 2 Sep - 9:45

Xerxes eyes snapped open with the boot to his cot. His hand immediately searching out the gun under his pillow before he hears, "Morning, breakfast's on, if you come late , you're not gonna eat."

Seems Gradys idea of waking people is not far off from the military's. Ex-military perhaps? Anyway, Xerxes makes an act of sitting up with a big yawn and a stretch, playing the part of the spoiled royal child he continues to pretend to be as he scans the room making sure Scythia is safe.

Standing up he throws his clothes on over his undergarments and quickly heads to the kitchen, following Scythia as she goes.
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PostSubject: Re: The next day!    Wed 15 Sep - 22:59

The table is already set as the party enters, strips of meat, some local vegetables and thick slices of bread. Simple, and easy to eat on the move. There is also for those so inclined, a pot of caff. Grady himself is already outside. He can be seen through the open door off the kitchen. He drinks his caff from a tin cup, and gazes off into the woods. The sun is just barely risen, and it's light is filtered down through a list mist, and a tangle of clawing branches.

"Eat. Quickly, but eat your fill. We'll have to get moving soon. Got to get you folks out there with time to prepare for night"

"Scarlet, when you're done, help me pack the horses."
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PostSubject: If you go into the woods today.. your in for a big surpise!   Sat 25 Sep - 18:30

Happy as a lark she eats breakfast.. a bit of everything even caff. She was excited and got dressed quickly putting on the neat armour she has been wearing. Just cause. it really clicks when she walks. briading her hair up on top of her head she goes outside to look around without the mask on. smiling a bit as she gets ready for the trip*"This is neat. so much plant life. So many things. The Ether is buzzing. its never felt like this before!"she said to no one and everyone.*
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PostSubject: Re: The next day!    

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The next day!
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