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 Contrary to all evidence...

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PostSubject: Contrary to all evidence...   Wed 15 Sep - 21:22

...Your GM is not dead.

He is, however, distinctly aware that you heretics might yet kill him if he doesn't post something.

The last two weeks has been a stressful one for me, but thankfully things have been resolved. And I haven't made the time to be on the board as I should. In short, I've been negligent in my duties as GM.

In shorter, I'm sorry.

I will be on tonight if any wish to game, though I understand if no one else wishes to as I've been rather silent these last weeks and no notice has been given. Nevertheless I'll be here. I'll also be making more posts on the board starting this week. I give you lot full permission to bug the crap out of me if I don't live up to that end of the bargain. I fully expect there to be an endless barrage of text messages.

With that said, let the game continue!
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Contrary to all evidence...
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