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 Unbeholden Reaches **Rumors from Port Wander**

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PostSubject: Unbeholden Reaches **Rumors from Port Wander**   Wed 14 Jul - 13:41

So as these realms of stars are, so once were all realms that are now counted amongst the Imperium of Man: Rich with the fear and darkness, and rank with the smell of secrets that belong to the dead."
-attributed to Rogue Trader Solomon Haarlock.

Beyond the larger nebulae of the Koronus Expanse are regions visited only by the silent Disciples of Thule and few others. Tales are told of ghost-vessels, beauteous but deserted worlds, dust-nebulae that claim the souls of the damned and forsaken- and of course, wealth beyond measure, awaiting the courageous who will claim it.
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Unbeholden Reaches **Rumors from Port Wander**
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