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 The Koronus Passage: The Maw

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PostSubject: The Koronus Passage: The Maw   Wed 14 Jul - 13:55

"It is a beast that swallows the apostate, the doubter, and all who ship with them. Better to slay the unfaithful than risk the dread Maw whilst such false wretches draw breath"
-Opening lines of the Voidfarer's Warning from the Drusian Play.

The Koronus Passage is a stable but dangerous warp route that passes through the Great Warp Storms separating the Calixis Sector from the Koronus Expanse. The Passage links Port Wander and the Drusus Marches to the great star Furibundus and the void colony of Footfall- And beyond Footfall, the Koronus Expanse beckons.

To the eyes of the superstitious the Maw is a beast made of warp storms, cunning and malicious, whose crushing jaws must be braved by those who seek to break through to the Koronus Expanse beyond. Many have died trying and traversing the Maw remains harrowing despite centuries of experience.

It should also be noted that the two storms that bracket the Maw, the Void Dancer's Roil and the Screaming Vortex, make this a harrowing experience all the more painful for Psykers...

The Stations of Passage

The Temple
A dead system consisting of strange perfectly spherical asteroids orbiting a small sun.

The Witch-Cursed World

A large rocky planet set alone without a star to orbit in the deep void, it's atmosphere frozen to glaciers upon its surface.

The Battleground
A field of ancient wreckage, most of it Imperial spinning slowly through the void. No one knows what happened here, but everyone has a story. It has also of late become a favored ambush point for a particularly foolhardy group of pirates.

The Hermitage

A tiny ministorum sect still lives here. It is occaisionly still used as a neutral ground for trade, or as a dead drop.
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The Koronus Passage: The Maw
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